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e-learning platform inside and outside the school

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Abrar book company
Egyptian Startup IT company providing sustainable solutions to education problems
Our Vision
To be the leading platform in Egypt for achieving the goals of sustainable development in education by artificial intelligence

Our Mission
Enabling responsible parties for education to fulfill their responsibilities in improving students' performance inside home and school

application features

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    E-learning outside school

    E-learning inside and outside school like social media at any time.

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    Diversity of learning resources

    The ability to search for educational topics within Abrarbook or selecting written, audio and visual materials, download files from other sources and publish it in (Active Learning List)

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    Work as a Team

    Learners work as a team in each group and help weak learners in the group to get the highest rating between groups and class

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    Learner's development

    Create fair competition between learners to achieve their achievements

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    Social e-learning

    Abrarbook provides wonderful model for Educational Social Communication between learners, teachers and parents by commenting, publishing and awarding stars to users.

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    Each teacher can share with the learners what he discusses with them before the lesson

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    Attractive Education

    Giving each learner five stars every week and his mission is keep it complete

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    Help teachers

    Saving time and effort in preparing and printing for learners, groups and classes

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    Abrarbook Initiative

    Participate Community in rewarding learners and make education attractive.

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    Parental Engagement

    Home assessment (respect others, health and fitness, time management, hobbies, education).

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 Initiative :
Education is everyone's responsibility

All concerned with education
 ( ministries, companies, societies, institutions, sports clubs, schools, people, and initiatives)
 To reward and encourage students  

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