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Abrar book 
Providing sustainable solutions 
To education problems

Our Vision
Make education attractive 
and increase motivation
 to learn

Our Mission 
Help teachers and parents 
to evaluate Learners
 and activate active learning

application features

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    Assessment inside and outside schools

    Teacher can evaluate weekly learners’ posts from publication page and index page at any time.

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    Work as a Team

    Learners work as a team in groups every week and helping each other to get highest score.

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    Learner's development

    Increasing learners' skills during the weekly competition between groups to get rewards

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    Social e-learning

    Abrarbook provides wonderful model for Educational Social Communication between learners, teachers and parents by commenting, publishing and awarding stars .

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    Attractive Education

    Giving each learner five stars every week and his mission is keep it complete

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    Help teachers

    Less time and effort to print learner assessment files

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    Abrarbook Initiative

    Participate Community in rewarding learners and make education attractive.

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    Parental Engagement

    Home assessment in ( respect others, health and fitness, time management, hobbies, education )

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To encourage and reward learners
Education is everyone's responsibility 

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