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e-learning platform inside and outside the school

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Abrar book company
Egyptian Startup IT company providing sustainable solutions to education problems
Our Vision
To be the leading platform in Egypt for achieving the goals of sustainable development in education by artificial intelligence

Our Mission
Enabling responsible parties for education to fulfill their responsibilities in improving students' performance inside home and school

application features

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    Follow-up and evaluation

    Maintaining teacher's time during follow-up inside and outside the school, by considering all students are excellent in the beginning of each week and student's goal is to maintain the highest evaluation in the items that each teacher identifies, and the teacher's task is to reach to the weak student with the help of AbarBook to directing instructions to him .

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    E-learning inside & outside school

    E-learning inside and outside school in the form of social media at any time, and learners get more time to learn synchronously and asynchronously with teachers

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    Diversity of learning resources

    The ability to search for educational topics within Abrarbook or selecting written, audio and visual materials, download files from other sources and publish it in (Active Learning List)

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    Active learning

    Abarabook aims to making student the focus of the educational process and helping him searching for information to acquire knowledge , discovering facts and publishing it in a list (active learning) to be presented and discussed during meeting the teacher inside and outside school

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    Rooting values ​​and trends

    Abrarbook contributes to enriching and preserving identity and culture among learners by publishing and interacting on the lists of ( (Time management - Health and safety - Respect others - Educational articles).

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    Encouraging cooperative action

    Supporting collaborative work within groups in each class by considering learner's evaluation part of group and class evaluation

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    Preservation of identity and culture

    Abrarbook contributes to enriching and preserving identity and culture among learners by publishing in lists of (patriotism and our civilizations) and interacting in different ways.

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    Interesting in hobbies

    There is a lot of space to take care of the different hobbies of users and develop it through publishing in (the hobby list) with displaying the owners of similar hobbies.

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    Encouraging innovation

    Abrarbook provides fair environment for competition among learners to achieve their scientific achievements and enable them to publish it on their personal pages

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    Attention to educational activities

    Abrarbook allows you to view and exchange innovative educational activities and projects by choosing to publish in the list of (educational activities and projects )

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    Social e-learning

    Abrarbook offers a wonderful model of purposeful and constructive social e-learning between learners ,teachers and interested parents, through the ability to( comment ,re-publish and like ) on different posts

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    Through the index feature, each teacher can define a subject to share with learners before or after each meeting to interact on these topics

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    Ask a question

    Abrarbook helps users to ask different questions to all users and get more realistic answers by choosing to publish in ( Ask a question) list

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    Statistics & Reports

    Abrarbook assists teachers in obtaining the follow-up results and displaying them in form of points, degrees, statistics and various graphs in time period determined by teacher

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    Equal educated

    Granting each learner five stars, representing the follow-up items in each academic subject at the beginning of each week, and its task will be to preserve it in full for the end of the week, and opportunity will be renewed continuously.

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    Weekly feedback

    Weekly performance evaluation by identifying problems and sending instructions to students

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    Electronic library

    Users can keep posts inside the library and return to them easily

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    Abrarbook partners initiative

    Community participation in the establishment of a generation capable of adhering to educational and educational principles and civilizational co-existence with societies and contributing to the formation of good habits through the use of human nature in the formation of habits through repetition and fixation through reward from parents, teachers, school and partners abrarbook

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    Health & Safety

    Spread health awareness by choosing to publish in the (Health and Safety) list

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    Parental Engagement

    Building and following up good habits such as (Respect others, Health and fitness, Time management, Hobbies, Academic achievement) and linking them to the school.

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    School Code

    Through this code, all teachers and learners are added to the school account, then easy access to subject statistics, teachers ’statistics about the learner, group and class, in addition to following up on the academic performance of teachers and learners daily .

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    Descriptive determinants

    Describe level of performance expected of learners such as percentage, graphics, overall grade, and star completion status for each student, group, and class .

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    You can search for educational topics added by students and teachers , as well as search and follow up users

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    Add students

    When class is divided into groups, application creates a special code for each group and then shares each code with the group's students.

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    Dialogue & Discussion

    On educational topics between learners through the index, with the participation of the teacher

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 Initiative :
Education is everyone's responsibility

All concerned with education
 ( ministries, companies, societies, institutions, sports clubs, schools, people, and initiatives)
 To reward and encourage students  

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